Monday, February 22, 2010

Flower Scarf

The Flower Scarf is one of my favourites. I love all the scarves; but, there is something about flowers that takes me back to my grandmother's garden or to hikes with my family on Sunday afternoons in Spring, where a small violet here or there made the day! Flower scarf is not difficult. You cast on - knit to the end and cast off. Yes you do decrease and increase for the ruffles - but these are easy.

The lace design is one very simple flower stitch. This motif is worked as garter stitch in the border and as stocking stitch for the main part of the scarf. Knit Flower Scarf in pink and it's Impatience, in purple, a Violet, in yellow, Forsythia, in white, Arabis, and in green, it is all those flowers that we mistake for leaves and as a result are often overlooked.

I plant Lady's Mantle and Bells of Ireland for their green flowers and I have often thought that, if we indeed had previous lives, I might have been a green Cymbidium. (And you...?) Flowers, like children, are our eternity and lace is what we pass on, making our work, dare I say ourselves, eternal!

Knit Flower scarf and keep Spring with you, whenever you need it.

One of my favourite poems is by Ogden Nash. He wrote a poem entitled "To a Lady Who Thinks She Is Thirty". The poem is lovely - but the last line is worth repeating - after chiding Miranda(the lady) for her shortsightedness he ends by saying - "How old is Spring, Miranda?"

Knit lace. Stay young!

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