Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stream Scarf

Forests have water - ponds and streams and marshy areas, so I had to have Stream Scarf as part of the Forest Scarves Series. I love streams. They are so fresh and lively. They babble, splash and jump almost like children. I chose Aegean Blue which is a lighter shade of blue than Marine Blue and I think just a little more youthful.

I then had to find a lace stitch that had the energy of a stream. I found a zig-zag stitch that I opened up with some yarn-ons and stream was born. I decided to start with a provisional cast-on because I wanted the scarf to be wider at each end, a little like a stream that slows down and spills over when it reaches a pond. Finally I picked a picot cast-off to finish the "flair" - a little like the sprays of water that splash up from small rapids.

Stream scarf is a quick knit. It can be made longer and wider into a stole and it can be knit in any number of colours. I knit it in Fantastic Knitting Zephyr lace weight and it is one of my favourites!
The picture on the right was taken in winter in Sunnybrook park in Toronto. It was a challenge getting just the right angle for the shot and not sinking up to my waist in snow. I am beginning to ignore the stares of the walkers and joggers - wondering "who is that woman hanging scarves in trees. "
Ahh - The rituals of lace!

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