Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Moss Scarf

I was on a roll!! The forest scarf series might never end!! I had the lacey canopy of trees and now I needed the carpets!! The mosses and ground covers that cushion the foot and soften the rock. First there was Moss Scarf. This project needed a very simple stitch. It had to be dense like a blanket of moss and yet lacey enough to suggest the small flowers that sometimes appear on mosses.

I found a little knot stitch that allowed me to construct the scarf simply by casting on and casting off - how easy is that! - oh yes and to work some 75 repeats of the pattern in between.

I was also able to block dainty picots at both edges of the scarf and Eureka! a design for the most beginning of lace knitters - it really just gets you use to working with fine yarn.

My next challenge will be to create Lichen in lace - think of the possibilities.

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