Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Periwinkle Scarf

In my original two-design publication, Periwinkle was called Myrtle - it sounded better with Moss, as Moss and Myrtle. However as a scarf design on its own - Periwinkle sounds better, I think. Anyway, what is in a name? It is the same lovely plant with bluey-purple flowers - "periwinkle blue" is a colour that runs through songs and stories and Myrtle is the old world variant immortalized by the Ancient Greeks.

Myrtle means love - everlasting love, as in marriage and is often used in Europe to decorate churches for weddings. I love the concept of going into nature and gathering up bits and pieces to bring indoors and enjoy. The naturalists would hate me and I don't disturb the forest - I pick what I can from my crowded garden.

In Periwinkle, I tried to capture the masses of leaves shielding shy blue flowers. Carpets of Myrtle are very lacey and intricate - stabilizing this growth habit in lace repeats was a challenge!
Periwinkle is knit from the bottom cast-on edge to the centre in two sections and then joined together with a three-needle bind-off or grafted. This scarf was knit in Fantastic Knitting Zephyr lace weight in Violet - Enjoy!

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