Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pine Scarf

To me Pine trees are not as tall as Fir trees, unless you want to argue that a Jack Pine is taller than a Douglas Fir - but I will leave that to the Arborists. The main stitch in Pine Scarf is from a stitch in one of Barbara Walker's stitch dictionaries; but the stitch had patterning on the return row and I am a lazy knitter and like to have my "veg" time so I re-did the stitch with purl return rows and patterned knit rows. The pattern is actually called "Coral Pattern" - re-designed as a pine tree - nothing is really that far away!

In knitting the swatch I saw a Scotch Pine emerge. Scotch Pines are Christmas Trees - this would be perfect. Pine scarf is a triangular scarf knit from the top down and looks lovely under the collar of a blouse. It was knit in Fantastic Knitting Zephyr lace weight yarn in Juniper

I loved the pine motif so much that I have resolved to do another scarf or stole using it and beading it like a Christmas Tree - oh the whimsey of lace.

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