Friday, October 22, 2010

Sunshine Scarf

When I finished the 10 scarves in the Forest Scarves series, I was searching around for another theme. We had this wonderful hand dyed Fantastic Knitting Zephyr lace weight yarn and a little voice inside of me kept saying, "light". Lace, of course, needs light to look it's best. Different sources of light create different effects, think of candlelight, moonlight, sunlight....and so on. That was it! I decided that I wanted to explore the idea of light and lace.

Sunshine wasn't the first scarf that I designed in the series, but it is one of my favourites!

I knew that I wanted a design that looked a lot like a prism. Prisms reflect sunlight in magical ways. I also love the way the sun streams down and then shatters into tiny sparkles when it hits the earth. I wanted to capture these images in lace.

There were a few stitches, which when combined together looked a lot like a prism. I added a few interim stitches to separate the sunbeams, then increased for the ruffle. I chose an open mesh stitch for this finish to suggest the sunlight breaking into a million pieces on contact with the earth - don't we always want to catch sunbeams, elusive though they are! Here's your chance! Knit Sunshine Scarf!

This scarf begins with a provisional cast on at the centre back and then the lace is worked down to the ruffle at each end, much like the sun streams down from the sky.

Lace is light, life, energy and sunbeams!

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